Transforming basic STRENGTH into the mentally powerful and physically fit:  Operation PowerFit!

Operation PowerFit, LLC, is a veteran- and woman-owned mobile personal fitness trainer business.  Christine Pinkney retired from the US Air Force after 24+ of dedicated service. 


Mission:  To educate, safely train, and maintain clients’ fitness and health to enhance their quality of life.


Insurance:  Operation PowerFit, LLC, is insured through Philadelphia Insurance Companies. 

Phase 5 of OPT Model, Power Phase


Operation PowerFit, LLC, follows the National Academy of Sports Medicine's Optimum Performance Model when developing fitness training program.  


Ideal fitness is achieved through a combination of physical activity to build muscle and burn fat, good nutrition to provide the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and operate at peak efficiency, and proper rest. 


I wholeheartedly believe that being fit and healthy makes a person happier, enhances their productivity, and overall quality of life. 


Each person is unique and deserves a tailored fitness training program.  What may work for one person may not work for another.  I will design a training program based on your abilities and fitness level to reach your goal(s).


Besides initiative and mental fortitude, basic strength is all you need to execute your training program.  Whether you are young or a seasoned athlete, all you need is basic strength necessary for mobility and daily functions.  Thus, I expect building your basic strength will in turn improve your functional movements and ease your daily activities. 


How do you know if I am the right personal trainer to help you?  I would like the chance to discuss your goals and hope to come to an understanding where I may assist. 


Excited to hear from you ~ Christine, 520.975.2820 

At Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, 2015.