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endurance (phase 2) enhances stabilization endurance, improves overall work capacity, enhances joint stabilization, and increases lean body mass.  Hypertrophy building (phase 3) is an optional phase based on your goal since it focuses to increase of muscle mass, like bodybuilders.  Maximum strength (phase 4) is also optional because it concentrates on maximal prime mover strength by lifting heavy loads, like powerlifters.  The power level (phase 5) emphasizes the development of speed and power.    


Christine begins all clients at stabilization endurance (phase 1) regardless of their fitness level.  If you are new, she designs a simple stabilization program while more advance persons will have a more intense program with different modalities.  Your advancement to strength endurance (phase 2) will be 4-6 weeks depending on your body’s responses to the exercises. 


Christine will design a fitness training program based on your abilities and fitness level to meet your specific needs and goals.  Your program will include: 

  • Accountability through training sessions and assessments.  Your success is determined in more than pounds; your measurements, body composition, resting heart rate are other few factors that provide a more complete picture of your fitness as you progress through your fitness program. 

  • Stretches to improve your range of motion, increase flexibility, decrease muscle soreness, and reduce the risk of injury.

  • Strength and resistance exercises to build lean muscle mass and improve your body composition.

  • Cardio exercise to burn fat and improve cardiovascular system.

  • Motivation and support to safely push your limits, praise you, console you, and encourage you to continue working onward to reach your goals.  

  • Frequent exercise updates to your routine based on your fitness level, removing the “plateau effect” and keeping lively and fun workouts.



















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Stabilization Endurance, phase 1
Train with a group.
Train to maintain.
Train to excel physical fit test.
Strength Endurance, phase 2
Train for national competition.
Train for volleyball and basketball.
Train with family.



Whether you are new to fitness and working out or a seasoned fitness buff, Christine will guide you down the path to fitness and wellness, safely and effectively.


Christine follows the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s integrated Optimum Performance Training Model.  The integrated progressive system consists of flexibility, cardiorespiratory, core, balance, plyometric, resistance, speed, agility, quickness training.  Five phases exists in the model; however, most clients will only apply the first two phases to reach their goals.


The stabilization endurance (phase 1) addresses muscular imbalances and attempts to improve the joints stabilization and overall posture.  Basically, it focuses on increase muscular endurance, coordination, stability, and balance.  Strength