Transforming basic STRENGTH into the mentally powerful and physically fit:  Operation PowerFit!



I give you the attention you deserve by providing you with options that fits your personality and lifestyle.  I want to know your daily routine so I can not only help you become fitter but improve your functional movements and daily activities.  You can choose what works best for you based on your experiences:


Individual Sessions are one-to-one training sessions with my undivided attention.  You and I will work together with a tailored fitness program to address your specific needs.


Buddy Sessions allows you to team up with a friend, co-worker, significant other, or family member to receive the same individual attention but with a partner.  Working with a partner helps reduce personal cost, helps accountability, and can motivate each other.    


Small Group Sessions with six or less people.  Group training is perfect for people who are new to fitness training or are in a budget.  You do not pay “personal training” session but still have a trainer to design a fitness program and ensure exercises are conducted safely.  I personalize the fitness program based on people’s abilities and tailor it to fit all fitness levels and age.


Start your own group today!  Put together a 3-6 person group to workout together in one location. You’ll enjoy support and motivation from your trainer, as well as from other members of your group. If you thought you couldn’t afford a personal trainer, this program will change your mind!


Back to Basic” Class can be either a small or large group class for beginners up to advance trainees.  Back to Basic classes concentrate on balance, core, and stabilization endurance exercises.  The exercises are modified based on the person’s fitness level so the workout is challenging to each individual.  Register now due to limited spacing.   


Guided Training is for persons who have previous workout experience and are self-motivated.  You have the benefit of a personal trainer but you will follow the designed fitness program on your own, at home, office, or gym.  You will meet trainer monthly for an evaluation and the introduction of new workout routines.


Virtual Training is for those persons who cannot regularly see me yet has time to exercise and receive training through the Internet via webcam or email.  This is perfect for people who travel for work or pleasure; you can workout with me no matter where your travels take you.


Your path to fitness begins with an initial consultation and assessment to determine your personal fitness goals and your current state of fitness.  I will design a dynamic fitness program based on optimal performance training model.




The cost of personal training sessions depends on the service you select, the frequency of your sessions, the length of your contract commitment, and the distance to your location.


“Back to Basic” class is based on the number of sessions you want per week and month.


In every case, I assess your needs, provide you with effective solutions, and together meet your goals.  I look forward to helping you with your fitness goals.


Take advantage of my services to help you improve your fitness and wellness, thus enhancing your quality of life while building the confidence to undertake new challenges. 


Schedule your free no-obligation consultation today!


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Be safe & Stay fit!