Transforming basic STRENGTH into the mentally powerful and physically fit:  Operation PowerFit!

I have been a certified personal fitness trainer for six years but I have over 30 years of training and coaching experiences with the best military personnel in the world.  I have planned, developed, and conducted physical training in both in-garrison and combat environments to ensure personnel are always combat ready.  I believe I can provide the proper fitness training for individuals; not only from a coach’s view, but as a trainee who required different coaching styles based on my goals. 
I am a National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and also certified as a Senior Fitness Instructor, Women's Fitness Specialist, Group Personal Trainer Specialist, and CPR/AED certified.  I have also coached girls’ varsity high school basketball.  I am a member of Disabled Veterans and IDEA Health and Fitness Association.  I still compete in powerlifting in different federations.

I want to share my knowledge and experiences to help you become enthusiastic about becoming fit and maintaining an active and healthier lifestyle.  Thank you for visiting my website.


I look forward to helping you with your fitness goals ~ Christine.



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My background is different than most personal trainers.  I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado Christian University and faithfully served in the military for 24+ years in the field of information technology (IT) with thousands of users, equipment, and projects from mainframes to open architecture platforms.  Besides military IT operations, I also had to maintain my physical fitness, to include physical test assessments six months after my pregnancies.  Though my background is in IT, I discovered my passion in fitness.  I also participated in three Air Force women’s basketball teams and powerlifted in national and international competitions, receiving first place in every powerlifting competition and held records for several years.  I became a physical training leader and fitness program manager because I enjoyed being fit and committed to assist other servicemen meet military standards and/or their fitness goals.


I have witnessed people enhance their productive at work and enrich their personal lives when fitness is part of their lifestyle.  Being in the military, personnel need to be fit to operate decisively, effectively, and efficiently in highly stressful environments while maintaining a balanced home life.  While deployed, fitness was the best stress reliever for me.  Exercising kept my mind balanced as well; it decreased the stress of 1) being away from my family, 2) concerns of deployers’ health and welfare, 3) the environment I was in, and 4) the mission, which enabled me better concentrate on the mission and its people. 


I wholeheartedly believe that being fit and healthy makes a person happier, enhances their productivity, and overall quality of life.  So instead of managing projects and staring at computer screens, I wanted to change my career path towards a passion I have, helping others become healthier and happier people.